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ArcWize is an AI-powered multi-layer sensing solution, providing 24/7 monitoring of runway surface conditions through continuous remote sensing.

ArcWize provides accurate & timely GRF Runway Condition Reports (RCR) without interruption to runway operations:

Compliant with GRF/TALPA requirements.

Maximizes runway availability.

Reduces the risk of runway excursions related to assessing and reporting runway surface conditions.

The Challenge of Runway Excursions

A runway excursion is an aircraft veer-off or overruns the runway surface.

According to the ICAO Safety Report (2020), runway excursions accounted for 14.9% of all accidents in 2019 and included half of all fatal accidents in 2019.
Runway excursions received the highest score on the Runway Safety Risk Index presented in the ICAO GRSAP (Global Runway Safety Action Plan) and are also Identified as a High-Risk Category of occurrence within global safety.
Priorities set forth by the ICAO GASP (Global Aviation Safety Plan), 2020–2022.

A multi-layer sensing solution powered by Xsight's AI, ArcWize is an innovative runway sensing solution comprising multiple sensor types, providing vast data layers.

Due to the multi-layered sensors, ArcWize delivers provides the airport’s stakeholders with accurate, real-time data and enables them to optimize runway operations during severe weather condition.

Automatic 24/7 remote runway sensing, unlike any other solution.

Depth & coverage measurement of contaminants for each runway third according to the GRF requirements.

AI classified all contaminant types, such as rainwater, ice formation & dew point, ice, and snow variances.

Alert when GRF levels exceed or meet pre-defined thresholds.

Automatic generation of GRF RWYCC and SNOWTAM/NOTAM syntax.

More Than GRF:
Visualize & Digitize
Runway Surface

Control the runway - see more, know more. Always!

Increase runway availability - remote & continuous sensing minimize runway interruptions.

Lowers operational workload - automating monitoring & reporting processes and smart pre-planning of contaminants removal.

Digitize surface data - connects with airport management systems and serves all stakeholders - Airport operations, ATS, aircrew, dispatchers, and regulatory organizations .

ArcWize Artificial Intelligence (AI) and data processing are the foundation of producing future understandings of runway conditions through unprecedented digitalization of runway data.