Xsight Systems’ BirdWize™ is a Ground-Level Wildlife (birds and other animals) Hazard Management system that allows for remote, automatic wildlife detection and classification , as well as remote bird auditory deterrence.
BirdWize provides airports complete visibility and control over bird and other wildlife hazards on and near their runways, to ensure safer and more efficient operations.

BirdWize is part of RunWize, our comprehensive runway hazards detection solution, which leverages the fusion of a millimeter-wave radar with electro-optical high-definition imaging for superior detection performance.

BirdStrikes  are a well-known and long-time hazard in civil and military aviation, worldwide. According to the FAA, these strikes, of which around 41% occur on a ground level, threaten the safety of air operations and often force pilots to return for landing at the origin airport immediately after take-off.

At the operational level, bird strikes adversely affect runway operations as reports on strikes are typically followed by a runway inspection that can take around 15-20 minutes. During these unplanned inspections, the runway is closed for operations, and delays accumulate. In addition, the involved aircraft may remain grounded. Overall, these incidents are sum to cost the industry 1.4 billion annually.

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Features & Capabilities 

Automatically distinguishes  birds and other animals from other types of FOD and generates an alert accordingly.

Activates audio deterrence to evacuate the bird off the runway

Works 24/7 in variable light and inclement weather conditions

Provides an intuitive application for wildlife activity documentation in the airport vicinity


BirdWize automatically documents all wildlife detections in a dedicated database.

The wildlife management team can quickly generate reports and charts presenting patterns in the behaviour of birds and other animals.

These valuable Insights may subsequently be converted into preventive actions that diminish the risk of bird/other animals’ strikes.

Added Values 


Dramatically Reduces Bird Strikes

BirdWize: 41% of bird strikes occur at ground level – BirdWize detects these hazards immediately and drastically reduces bird (and other animals) strikes on the runway.

Improves Workforce Productivity

Provides remote auditory bird deterrence, eliminating the need to dispatch busy personnel to scare birds from runways.

Reduces Runway Occupancy Time (ROT)

By eliminating, in numerous cases, the need to access the runway or its immediate surroundings by airside operations personnel.

Enables Smart Bird & Wildlife Management

• Provides data to airports for proactive and intelligent wildlife management.
• Data helps airports identify bird and other animal types, trends and preferences, for tailored mitigation techniques and long term planning and decision making.


> The Problem

> The Solution

BirdWize supports proactive data-driven approach

Watch how the snowy owl is scared off the runway by BirdWize deterrence capability