FODetect®, Xsight's automated FOD Detection solution, continuously monitors airport runways to rapidly detect, identify and remove foreign object debris in all weather conditions. FODetect® is part of RunWize, our comprehensive runway threats detection solution, which leverages the fusion of a millimeter-wave radar with electro-optical high-definition imaging for superior detection performance.

FOD on airport runways is a well-known problem in the aviation industry. Still, FOD is abrupt by its nature. Examples of FOD include tire parts, asphalt chunks, screws, and inset light parts. In general, any object that appears on the runway unintentionally Might pose a safety risk for aircraft operations.

Foreign object debris also creates operational disruptions for airports. For example, collection of debris following a burst tire incident could take more than 30 minutes, during which the runway remains closed for aircraft operations. FODetect® allows for replacing this lengthy process with a quick, pinpointed collection that significantly cuts runway closure time, thereby minimizing the disruption to the flow of operations.

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Features & Capabilities 

24/7 Automatic and continuous detection of FOD, during both day and night and in all weather conditions.

Scans runway surfaces in less than 60 seconds to ensure that all aircraft are clear for safe operations.

No blind spots - runway surfaces are scanned in full redundancy.

Operators can analyze the imagery and manually operate the system sensor camera to visually validate the FOD to avoid false FOD alarms.

Personnel sent to remove FOD are guided directly to the FOD location by a laser beam that can be activated from the system sensor to the detected FOD.

Ascription capabilities for post-incident investigation and meta-analysis of the airports’ FOD patterns (locations, hot spots, characteristics, etc.) enable FOD-related planning and decision-making. 

FODetect® Values 

Optimal Visibility and Control

  • The ideal ‘ground-level’ perspective for monitoring and addressing runway hazards and contaminants as they occur, in all weather conditions – including low visibility.
  • Uniquely designed to work perfectly with existing runway infrastructure.
    Decreases Runway Downtime.
  • Eliminating unnecessary runway closures- visual validation of FOD threat before dispatching personnel to the runway.

Quick FOD Retrieval

  • GPS location of the noticed FOD is calculated and spread for quick identification and retrieval.


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Xsight Supports
a Proactive Approach

Accurate FOD detection and fast removal from the runway are a daily challenge for airport operations.

FODetect® provides airports with a comprehensive solution, improving safety and increasing efficiency and capacity.

Watch how a screwdriver on the runway is being detected and removed in most speed
and accuracy by FODetect

RELATED REGULATION: "The Federal Aviation Administration recommends the guidance and specifications in this Advisory Circular for developing and managing an airport FOD management program."

FAA Advisory Circular 150/5210-24