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"You have to stay in the forefront of technology and not stay behind.”

Mark O. Coats
Senior Manager, Airport Operations, Port of Seattle

From Manual to Automated

"Mitigation of FOD in the DoD is a "brute force" effort, highly manual and time consuming, resulting in reduced effectiveness and increased manpower cost and mission delays. "
Xsight's solution is based on a data-driven automated continuous remote sensing, utilizing Artificial Intelligence (AI) & Machine Learning (ML) capabilities, allowing the entire Area Of Interest (AOI) to be monitored day & night in all weather conditions.

SDU Installation

The SDUs are quickly deployed and don’t require any permanent infrastructure or civil works, while leveraging the use of any power source provided at the airfield. All SDUs utilize a patented mounting concept which enables the use of the airfield’s lighting infrastructure by collocating the SDU with the Edge Light or incorporating the edge light into the SDU.

Performance & Persistence

Xsight’s solution continuously monitors and visualizes the AOI, ensuring near-immediate detection of hazards through its suite of SDUs. Each SDU works in concert with other adjacent SDUs to provide overlapping redundant monitoring. In case of a single node failure - the two (2) neighboring SDUs provide cross-correlated coverage.

Object Classification

"Foreign Object Debris (FOD) on airfields (such as rocks, loose concrete, tools or parts, birds, etc.)."
Our AI-based object classification classifies each detection and categorizes it in two ways; estimated type (metallic, bird, rubber, rocks, etc.) and hazard severity based on multiple conditions including object location, size, estimated weight & density.

Airfield Surface Monitoring

"Characterize the condition and changes in the condition of airfield surfaces, to include cracking, spalling, corrosion, and other relevant forms of degradation."
Xsight's solution will be able to detect depressions, spalling, and cracks as well as other deformities on the AOI’s surface.

Vehicular & Personnel Movement Measurement

"As able, measure the type and amount of vehicular and personnel movement in and around the area of interest. "
During monitoring, aircraft or vehicle wheels, and walking personnel are also detected, these detections will enable the issuing of tailored reporting of the type and number of movements.

Night Detection

The system is fully operational during day and night. The camera module includes a Near Infra-Red (NIR) illuminator for night imaging and visualization, enabling efficient FOD detection and investigation during nighttime, while the Radar is not affected by such conditions.

Laser pointer

Weather Resilience