Runway Black Box™

Continuous Monitoring & Recording

Runway Black Box™ is a runway, front-row-seat, surveillance product that allows airports to continuously monitor and record all runway activity, including aircraft movements and their external characteristics. By collocating an optical sensor with the runway edge lights, Runway Black Box is engineered for optimal performance both day and night, as well as during inclement weather conditions.

  • Electro optic (EO) Runway monitoring unit (RMU) records video from the entire runway and intersection areas.
  • The RMU's are collocated with runway or taxiway edge lights.
  • The sensors provide continuous (24/7) video recording of runway activity including CAT IIIb and IIIc Runway Visual Range conditions.



Real-time and monitoring of emergency events

  • In case of a runway incident, the system provides runway recordings for post event (incident \ accident) investigation and analysis, offering visual evidence of possible malfunctions that might have contributed to the occurrence of the event.

Post-event investigation

  • Offering visual evidences due to its close location to the runway and continuous recording.

Construction monitoring

  • taking place within the airfield and movement areas.

Runway Black Box supports proactive runway management

The runway is arguably the most important component of any airport’s infrastructure.
Airports cannot function, nor remain profitable, without clear and operationally secure runways.
It is vital to implement a surveillance system that covers the runways and all movement areas to enable constant monitoring and video recording.